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Simple storage hacks for small spaces

Simple storage hacks for small spaces
  • Simple storage hacks are a great way to make use of smaller spaces to keep your home tidy
  • These five simple-to-install methods not only help you declutter, but can look great too
  • Extra storage can not only help tidy things away, but also helps you be more organised

Organisation and practical storage is the key to keeping your house tidy and free from clutter. However, if you live in a smaller house or one that simply doesn't have a lot of storage, this can be more of a challenge.

Here are some of our simple storage hacks for small spaces to help avoid feeling like you're constantly tripping over mess and clutter due to a lack of storage space.

Utilise Your Walls

If you don't have a lot of storage space, such as cupboards, or they're already being used, then adding some wall storage is a great solution. Adding even a few floating shelves or wall units can immediately provide a good amount of space for things that would otherwise be lying around.

Use Stacking Boxes

Storage boxes are another great way to keep things organised and tidy. You can buy stackable storage boxes in various sizes in places like IKEA, or online, and they’re great for keeping things like children's toys, cleaning supplies, and important paperwork, or even clothes and bedding.

Because they can be stacked on top of each other, they're ideal for smaller spaces and don't make the room look messy or cluttered.

Hooks and Rods

Tension rods and wall hooks are the ideal storage solution for areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, and even extra clothes storage.

If you have a small kitchen but have a lot of pots, pans, and utensils, add a tension rod between two units with some hooks to hang them from.

A tension rod resembles a shower curtain, with each end held against the wall. These are ideal for people renting or needing a quick solution since they're easy to install and don't require drilling.

You can also screw hooks directly to your walls and use them for hanging pans, utensils or dish towels.

Overdoor Hangers

If you don't have a lot of storage space, then using your doors is a great way to store things that you use regularly, especially smaller items such as cleaning supplies, make-up, and smaller items of clothing.

You can find a huge range of overdoor hanging storage online, and while many are advertised as hanging shoe storage, you can store pretty much anything in them, and they're perfect for keeping things tidy and organised.

Drawer Organisers

Sometimes it's not so much a lack of space as it is a lack of organisation, and this is exactly what drawer organisers are designed to help with. Drawer organisers are available in many different sizes and are great for keeping your drawers tidy and ensuring that everything is easy to find.

We hope you've found these hacks helpful, so even if your house is lacking in storage and you're struggling to stay on top of things, you now have some ideas for how to get things organised.


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