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How it works

What our cleaners say

"Loving working with One Less Thing as it's been a great experience for me.’s taken out the stress of trying to find new clients."

Sali Self-employed cleaner

Picture of self-employed cleaner Sali

"One Less Thing have been amazing.

...they found me the perfect clients and I really love going to help them each week."

Stevie Self-employed cleaner

Picture of self-employed cleaner Stevie

"Initially I was sceptical but Dawnn soon put my mind at rest. One Less Thing is a genuine opportunity...

...I can work the days and hours I choose... [I] wish I'd done this years ago."

Suzanne Self-employed cleaner

Picture of self-employed cleaner Suzanne

How to get started

We connect excellent cleaners with local cleaning work

In the next few minutes you could be on your way to getting a stream of regular and one-off cleaning work in your local area, without spending time and money on advertising, quoting or following-up potential clients.

Tell us the days, times and locations that you’d like to work and we bring you rewarding cleaning jobs to match. You can decide whether you take any job we offer or not and you can find your own work.

Instead of spending time, money and effort searching for work, you can maximise your earnings by spending your time being paid to clean.

Our cleaners appreciate the flexibility of choosing when and where they work, freeing them up for childcare, other commitments or more spare time.

How do I apply?

To get started complete our simple online application form (it only take a few minutes and you don't need a CV).

Just answer a few simple questions about yourself, tell us about your cleaning experience and when/where you'd like to work.

We'll then come back to you to answer your questions and talk you through the next steps.

Frequently asked questions

How much can I earn?

We aim to provide cleaning work at the best rates available in your local area.

Enter your postcode into the box at the top of this page to see how much you could earn based on your exact location and the number of hours each week you'd like to work.

Are the potential earning figures realistic?

Yes. The potential earnings figures are based on the number of hours each week you’d like to work multiplied by the hourly rates of cleaning jobs we place in your specific area.

Our objective is to arrange work at a rate that attracts the best and most reliable domestic cleaners in each area and to introduce them to our clients.

Do you operate in my local area?

Enter your postcode into the box at the top of this page to check that we cover your area and how much you could earn each week.

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

You'll use the client's cleaning products and equipment to prevent cross-contamination between clients, and to ensure that only products that each client is happy with are used in their home.

However, it can be beneficial to have some spare items handy (such as cloths), just in case.

Will I work with the same regular clients?

Yes - we aim to assign you to the same regular clients each week or fortnight that suit the times, days and working-hours that you're looking for. We'll discuss each cleaning job with you in advance and, if you'd like to take that job on, you'll work typically with that client consistently.

We also offer you one-off cleans for clients (for example Spring cleaning assignments or cover for cleaners that may be on leave). In this case you may work with a client on a one-off basis.

Do I need to work out of hours or weekends?

No - you let us know the times and days you’re available to work and we'll find cleaning jobs that suit. This can be around childcare, free time or your other commitments.

The majority of work we arrange is for weekdays and during normal working hours. We occasionally have work outside of these times and/or at weekends and so you can choose to take this on if it fits with your schedule, but there is no obligation.

Will I be self-employed?

Yes - we solely arrange cleaning work for excellent and reliable self-employed cleaners that are looking for flexible work in their local area.

What will I do on each cleaning visit?

General cleaning typically involves cleaning of all rooms in the home including dusting, wiping woodwork and skirting boards as well as the usual hoovering, cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen.

Do I need experience?

Yes - we only arrange cleaning work for excellent and reliable cleaners that already have experience in professional cleaning.

You can tell us about your experience when you apply online.

What if I need to take a holiday?

That's no problem. Just give clients reasonable notice so they’re prepared and we can arrange for another cleaner to provide cover, if required.

You'll then go on holiday with peace of mind that clients' cleaning jobs are being taken care of while you're away.

How much work will you find for me?

We have a regular stream of clients requiring domestic cleaning throughout the year. In general, if you're available to work more days, times and locations then we can offer you more cleaning assignments more quickly.

As we as providing regular client jobs, we can offer you opportunities to earn extra money by providing holiday cover and one-off cleaning jobs.

How do I apply?

Fill in our simple online application form here. It only takes a few minutes.

Do I need to send a CV?

No - just fill in our simple online application form.

What if I already have cleaning clients?

Most of our cleaners prefer to focus on making money from cleaning rather than having to spend time and money marketing, looking for their own clients and putting together quotes.

However, if you let us know your availability we can find you new cleaning jobs to suit.

What happens if there is a problem?

We have local account management in every area we operate in. We're there to help and support you to deliver a great service to clients.

One of the key benefits that cleaners report is they are able to work as a self-employed cleaner with local support and 'not having to go it alone'. We understand cleaning and are on hand to help with any issues.

What is the application process?

We aim to make our application process as simple as possible.

The first step is to complete our online application form (which typically takes a few minutes). We’ll call you to discuss the process, ask you more about your experience and answer any questions you may have.

The final stage of the process is an initial paid cleaning job where you can show off your cleaning prowess and get feedback before we begin providing you with cleaning jobs.

Will I need a DBS-check?

Yes. As we arrange cleaning for clients’ homes, cleaners require a DBS-check. If you don't already have one we can work with you to arrange one.

Do I need to drive?

Being able to drive and having access to your own vehicle is very beneficial, and will mean that we can typically offer you more cleaning jobs as you can easily cover a wider area.

Having said that, we do have cleaners that don’t drive so as long as you can reliably get to each client job on foot or by public transport (for example) then driving is not essential.

How will I get paid?

You’ll get paid directly by the client after each cleaning job in cash or by bank transfer.

How much does it cost to join One Less Thing?

There is no charge to join our roster of cleaners and receive cleaning jobs.

You don't pay any joining fees, subscriptions, credits, commissions or deductions to us. Instead clients pay us directly to provide them with excellent and reliable cleaners in the local area.

Do I need to arrange insurance?

No. We provide insurance for all cleaning jobs that we arrange for our clients.

Is this right for me?

If you can answer yes to these three questions, then our service is ideal for you:

  1. Do you have at least 12 months experience as a cleaner?
  2. Are you looking for rewarding cleaning work in your local area?
  3. Can you provide a good and reliable cleaning service to clients?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then this service is for you.

To get started, fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch.

Happy cleaner with local cleaning jobs

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